A Year of Accomplishments: Helicap's Success in 2022

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David Z Wang
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Happy Holidays! As we gear up to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all of our achievements this year.

This year, we are pleased to be recognised for our endeavours with several prestigious awards, including:

From left, Phillip Private Equity’s executive director Grace Tang, Helicap’s chief investment officer Quentin Vanoekel, Tikehau Capital’s global co-chief investment officer Jean-Baptiste Feat, and Helicap’s group CEO David Z Wang

Pre-series B strategic funding round

We've also successfully completed our pre-series B strategic funding round, led by Tikehau Capital and Phillip Capital. This gives us confidence as a company and helps us continue to grow and expand our market network business. As a group, we've deployed a total of US$180 million across seven countries, and have opened our first office outside of Singapore, in Malaysia. Our headcount has doubled.

Clockwise from left, BillEase’s Chief Executive and Co-founder Georg Steiger, Erudifi's app, iCare’s Co-founder and Group Chief Financial Officer Pablo F. Alonso Caprile with his team

Some of our most notable investments this year include Erudifi, iCare Benefits, and Billease. We provided debt funding to these companies to help them achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their respective industries.

In addition, we have entered into a partnership with ADDX, which has listed our flagship fund on their platform. This allows a greater number of investors to access our fund with a minimum investment of US$10,000, using blockchain and smart contract technology.

Importantly, for ourselves and our clients, we are extremely proud to report exceptional performance for our diversified private debt investment portfolio, which has delivered 53 consecutive months of 9-11% annualised returns, net of fees, up to and including the current year of 2022.

It is a pleasure for us to report that our network has grown to include 8,000 connections thanks to the support and partnership of our clients and partners. As a result, we are well positioned for pursuing new opportunities and continuing our expansion in the coming year.

Here at Helicap, we're always pushing the boundaries to pioneer tomorrow's financial future.

As a company, we are dedicated to providing the most effective investment solutions to our esteemed clients and partners.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Warmest wishes,

David Z Wang

Group CEO and Co-Founder


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