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Unlock the full potential of your business with our institutional end-to-end fundraising and syndication services. Through equity or debt instruments, we are here to scale your business.

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Our Approach and Service Offering

Helicap empowers your business to achieve fundraising success across the capital structure by offering professional processes and services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. By combining technology with institutional banking processes, we deliver an unrivalled fundraising experience that maximises value creation for you.
Strong regional network
Rigorous due diligence
Trusted relationship with key stakeholders
Transaction Conceptualisation
Transaction conceptualisation
Consulting on commercial terms & conditions
Legal documentation
& Execution
Targeted marketing & investor outreach
Coordination of  agreements with prospective investors
Data room hosting & management
Facilitate investor due diligence / investor-facing support
Facilitate lender KYC / onboarding process
Post Execution
Administration of key facility lifecycle events
Coordination of future requests
Facilitation of communication to lender syndicate
Provision of a centralised digital data-room

Case Study: Funding Societies

  • Funding Societies is one of the largest digital SME lending platforms in Southeast Asia. The company provides financing to SMEs with good cash flow.
  • Helicap and a group of institutional and impact investors supported the firm's expansion with an initial US$18 million syndicated debt facility in 2021 to fund the productive loans it provides to its MSME borrowers.
  • The company has now disbursed over US$3 billion in productive loans and currently operates in 5 markets: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • In its latest round, the firm raised US$144 million in equity from global and regional investors such as Softbank, Sequoia, VNG (which owns Zalo) amongst many others.
  • The Helicap facility scaled to a total limit of US$40 million as of end-2022.
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frequently asked questions

We work with a large and diversified network of accredited investors who are looking to fund the most promising growth companies. We often invest alongside our partners to build a scalable tripartite partnership with these firms.

What types of financing can Helicap provide?

Helicap can provide support across asset classes, from common and preferred equity to junior and senior debt, in terms that make the most sense for our business.

Common Equity | Preferred Equity | Mezzanine/Junior Debt | Senior Secured debt

What is Helicap’s regional focus?

Helicap has a global mandate with a primary focus on Southeast Asia including but not limited to Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia.

How much and in which currencies can Helicap raise for my business?

We are able to support fundraising efforts ranging from US$2 million to US$50 million, depending on the firm's stage of growth and funding needs. Over time, we can increase the total facility size and support your business with multiple tranches of funding. We can also consider SGD investments.

What timeframe should you expect for a fundraising process?

End to end, our typical process, from the initial due diligence to the final legal closing, lasts 8-12 weeks. Subsequent draws or tranches can be closed within approximately 4 weeks upon mutual consent.

Which sectors are best suited to a fundraising exercise with Helicap?

While Helicap is sector-agnostic, we have a proven track record in sectors such as FinTech, impact, e-commerce and technology companies.

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