Maximise your portfolio's potential with Private Credit

Private credit offers stable yields relatively with lower risk through senior and secured loans.

It can be a powerful complement to traditional fixed income strategies, offering recurring income generation, low correlation to traditional asset classes, return enhancement, and portfolio diversification.

diversification and Low correlation with public markets

Private credit strategies vary in their exposure to different sectors of the economy, such as corporate borrowers, consumers, and real assets.

Investment strategies like investing in alternative lenders, i.e. non-bank financial institutions and fintech lenders tend to offer significant diversification across a broad pool of underlying borrowers in one or several jurisdictions, providing a significant source of diversification for investors.

Additionally, private credit provides access to smaller issuers or those who choose not to issue publicly, opening up different sectors and drivers.

Achieve risk-adjusted returns with protection from collateral and added security

Source: Cambridge Associates as of Dec-22

Private credit transactions, characterised by direct negotiation between lender/arranger and borrower, prioritise extensive due diligence and robust downside protection.

Private credit investors benefit from stronger structural protections through covenants, security, and higher pricing premium.

Borrowers also benefit from certainty of terms, flexibility in structuring, and an efficient process compared to the public market.

Private credit investments, particularly in the alternative lending space, often feature collateralisation in a senior position, providing investors with security over variety of collateral assets. This means that in case of default, these loans have priority claim to the underlying assets, allowing for potential recovery of capital by monetising the assets.

Helicap, your private credit partner

Helicap is the go-to partner for investors seeking expertise in private credit investing. With a proven track record of over US$200 million of transactions led, navigating various market cycles, Helicap has been negotiating favourable terms and protective structures for investors.

With a deep understanding of different borrower types, assets, and capital structure positions, Helicap provides tailored strategies either through direct or professionally-managed fund investments to achieve optimal outcomes for its investors.