Helicap and Bank Danamon Forge Strategic Partnership to Empower FinTech and Alternative Lending Across Southeast Asia

Feb 22, 2024

Singapore, 22nd February 2024 – Helicap Pte Ltd (Helicap) and PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) has today announced a strategic partnership to supportFinTech and alternative lending industry in Indonesia. This collaboration aims to position the duo as a one-stop solution for non-dilutive growth capital targeting FinTech, alternative lending firms and MSMEs across diverse segments including supply chain, leasing, e-commerce, and more.

The synergy will leverage:

  • Danamon's extensive banking network, totalling over consolidated assets of IDR 221 trillion with its subsidiary, PT AdiraDinamika Multi Finance Tbk (Adira Finance), and deep banking expertise in Indonesia, unlocking invaluable insights into market access and industry expertise.
  • Helicap's proven diversified debt portfolio track record of 6 years with no defaults, and cutting-edge proprietary data analytics, offering strong risk assessment, investment selection, and portfolio management capabilities.

This partnership goes beyond mere capital provision. It envisions a supportive and innovative funding ecosystem catering to the debt financing needs of non-bank firms at every stage of their growth journey, from seed funding to IPO.

Key highlights of the partnership:

  • Long-term volume generation: Danamon's banking infrastructure and product suite will be utilised to drive business growth for Danamon through transaction volume and account openings of Helicap Group's borrowers, fostering seamless integration. Enhanced visibility for Helicap Group, as it unlocks access to a wider range of products for its borrowers, including cross-border collaborations, credit and cash management solutions.
  • Robust transaction flow and co-lending: Helicap will strive for building a robust flow of risk-managed transactions for Danamon in Indonesia, and the two aim at co-lending to targeted investees, amplifying lending capacities and impact.
  • Technology utilization for enhanced risk management: Combining Helicap's technology with Danamon's banking infrastructure via Danamon Cash Connect will streamline cash reconciliation, fraud analytics, credit risk monitoring, due diligence, and bank account pledge processes.

Together, Helicap and Danamon are poised to reshape the financial landscape of Southeast Asia, empowering FinTech and alternative lending firms to drive inclusive growth and unlock their full potential.

Key Quotes: 

David Z Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of Helicap:

"This partnership is a watershed moment for the FinTech and alternative lending industry in Southeast Asia. By combining our credit expertise and resources with Danamon's extensive reach and banking know-how, we are creating a truly unique and comprehensive solution for FinTech and alternative lending firms across the region."

Andi S Wahdi, Enterprise Banking Business, Bank Danamon:

“Danamon as part of MUFG, a leading global financial group as well as Japan's largest bank, we are supported by MUFG's strengths, expertise, and network in serving customers and facilitating business growth to create long-term value for all stakeholders. We provide innovative and appropriate financial solutions so that customers can take control of their financial needs and goals. Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Helicap as one of leader in the FinTech investment space. This collaboration aligns with our commitment for supporting innovation and driving financial inclusion in Indonesia and beyond.”

About Helicap:
Helicap is a Singapore-based FinTech firm connecting global investors to private debt opportunities in Southeast Asia. The company’s goal is to fill a $500 billion financing gap that banks are unable to serve and deploy capital to 300 million underbanked through 1,000 originators in the region. The company’s equity backers include Japanese financial services firm CreditSaison, Temasek-backed alternative investments firm Tikehau Capital, integrated Asian financial house PhillipCapital, as well as top VC firms East Ventures,Access Ventures, Voveo Capital, and leading Singapore property group Soilbuild Group Holdings.
Over the last 6 years, Helicap has raised more than US$20 million in paid-up capital and deployed over US$250million worth of capital with their in-house data analytics expertise. By leveraging this advanced data-processing capability, they have indirectly served more than 5 million MSMEs and individuals. Helicap's collaboration with Temasek Trust on Southeast Asia's first Financial Inclusion Report exemplifies the commitment to building a visible, impactful, and integrated ecosystem that prioritizes sustainable and ethical practices. Since its inception, Helicap has built exclusive networks with hundreds of platform partners, who have access to a total of 200 million potential borrowers in the region. For more information, visit www.helicap.com.
About Danamon
PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Stock Code: BDMN) was established in1956. As of 31 December 2023, the company manages consolidated assets of IDR221 trillion with its subsidiary, PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk (AdiraFinance). In terms of share ownership, 92.47% of Danamon's shares are owned byMUFG Bank, Ltd. and another 7.53% by the public.
As of December 2023, Danamon is supported by a network of 863conventional branch offices, Sharia units, and subsidiary branch and business network as well as a network of ATMs, ATM Bersama, PRIMA, and ALTO totaling more than 60,000 units spread across 34 provinces. In addition to the offline services, Danamon products and services can also be accessed online throughD-Bank PRO for Individual Customers and Danamon Cash Connect for BusinessCustomers. Moreover, Danamon also provide 24-hour services via SMS Banking services and Hello Danamon call center services.
As part of MUFG, a leading global financial service group as well asJapan's largest bank, Danamon is supported by MUFG's strengths, expertise, and network in serving customers and facilitating business growth to create long-term value for all stakeholders.
Through the spirit "Grow With Us" which is based on Danamon's Vision to Care and Help Millions to Prosper, Danamon reinforces it's commitment as a bank that is always ready to provide solutions for all financial needs for all customers from various segments including Consumer, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Wholesale (Enterprise and Commercial), both conventional and sharia, as well as automotive financing through Adira Finance, in order to grow more prosperous.
This is in line with Danamon’s aspiration aspires to continue to grow as a customer-centric organization as “Your Bank of Choice”. Our unique value proposition focuses on sales and service excellence, strong synergies with partners and stakeholders, and supported by world-class technology aiming to provide the best financial solutions to help customers in taking control of their financial needs and goals.

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