Helicap and Crowd Credit Unveil New Partnership to Facilitate US$50 million Access to Southeast Asia for Japanese Investors

Mar 26, 2024

Seated from left to right - Takeshi Shibuya, Representative Director, President and CEO of Bankers Holding Co, David Z Wang, Co-founder & CEO of Helicap Securities, Go Iwata, Representative Director of Crowd Credit, Quentin Vanoekel, Co-founder & CIO of Helicap Investments,

Standing from left to right - Tomohiro Mochida, Director& Head of Investment Dept, Crowd Credit, Taka Yagami, Managing Director, PTBanker Crowd Credit Indonesia, Tomoyoki Sugiyama, Founder and Advisor to Bankers Crowd Credit.


Tokyo, 20th March 2024 - Crowd Credit Inc (Crowd Credit), a licensed Japanese financial services company headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo and Singapore’s leading Fintech firm Helicap Pte Ltd (Helicap) have jointly announced a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on expanding investment opportunities in Southeast Asia. The agreement was signed in Chuo-ku, Tokyo inMarch 2024, between Go Iwata, Representative Director of Crowd Credit, and David Z Wang, Co-founder of Helicap.

Through this partnership between Crowd Credit and Helicap, both parties aim to expand opportunities for Japanese investors in Southeast Asian companies for growth and financial inclusion. Crowd Credit will introduce potential investors in Japan to Helicap, aiming to raise funds with a target transaction volume of US$50 million. In return, Helicap, through its regulated subsidiaries, will facilitate investment opportunities and prospects in Southeast Asia to Crowd Credit for Japanese investors.


Here are the key details of the MOU:

Helicap, and its regulated subsidiaries, will leverage its expertise in Southeast Asia to:

  • Facilitate introductions between potential borrowers in the region and Crowd Credit through its deal platform
  • Assist Crowd Credit in building relationships with local financial institutions and regulatory bodies.
  • Provide Crowd Credit with access to its proprietary credit analytics platform.

Crowd Credit will leverage its network in Japan to:

  • Introduce potential Japanese investors to Helicap.
  • Raise funds from its investors for investment in Helicap's offerings.
  • Assist Helicap in building relationships with Japanese financial institutions and regulatory bodies.

This is Helicap’s first collaboration in Japan and aims to provide Japanese investors with greater access to private investment opportunities in Southeast Asia, while allowing Helicap to broaden its investor base.


Key Quotes: 

David Z Wang, Co-founder of Helicap

We are very excited to partner with Crowd Credit to bring our unique investment opportunities to Japanese investors, I am honoured to partner with Crowd Credit, bridging Japan and Southeast Asia. This partnership will allow us to further expand our investor base and provide Japanese investors with access to a hugely growing market with stable returns.

Takeshi Shibuya, Representative Director, President, and CEO of Bankers Holding Co

Our strategic partnership represents an exceptional opportunity for our esteemed investors to tap into the vibrant growth potential of Southeast Asia, with unwavering confidence, we believe this collaboration will yield mutual benefits for both our stakeholders.


About Helicap:
Since its establishment in 2018, Helicap has offered investment opportunities in Southeast Asia to accredited and institutional investors and has secured investments from prominent companies such as Credit Saison. Helicap is also backed by global asset management giants Tikehau Capital and PhillipCapital. As a leading platform operator in Southeast Asia, Helicap has strategically focused its investments primarily on financial companies, leveraging its unique credit screening system and enhanced loan structure to deliver stable returns. Helicap boasts an outstanding operational track record characterized by a zero default rate, a testament to its steadfast dedication to excellence and integrity.
With partner offices strategically located in Kuala Lumpur, Paris, and Dubai in addition to its Singapore headquarters, Helicap has successfully raised over USD 300 million cumulatively from investors, further solidifying its position as a key player in the global financial landscape. This impressive fundraising achievement underscores Helicap's ability to attract capital and signifies the widespread confidence and support it enjoys from investors worldwide, propelling its mission to revolutionize investment opportunities and drive sustainable growth across diverse markets.
About Crowd Credit: 
Crowd Credit is a Japanese financial services company that provides individual investors with private lending opportunities across the globe. The company has a large customer base in Japan and offers a variety of investment products. Crowd Credit also provides debt capital on a global basis to a variety of different sectors, including non-bank financial institutions, microfinance institutions, and renewable energy businesses through its online crowdfunding platform in Japan.

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